XP Migration


Windows XP Migration

The need to migrate from the obsolete Windows XP is causing a flurry of migration challenges, and they don’t discriminate based on size or environment. Windows XP reached formal end-of-life on April 8, 2014. Lack of service packs, patches, and updates puts users at significant risk across security, operations, and compliance. We can't stop time, but we can help.


Help Starts Here

Our experts are standing by to ease the challenge of planning, deploying, and maintaining a migration to a new Windows platform. Our guidance will help identify the best OS strategy based on your hardware needs and discover which Connection services can ensure deployment in time.

Our dedicated Microsoft team has designed tools with key features to customize and recommend solutions to aid your migration:
  • Create multiple profiles
  • Review recommended environment and platform
  • Indicate number of users
  • Select user requirements
  • Evaluate the Planning, Deployment, and Maintenance phases
XP Migration


Your Hardware Strategy

We can also conduct a Windows 8 Device Assessment to help navigate the maze of available devices. Our Microsoft team has customized a selection of hardware based upon features, functionality, and price. We'll take you through key criteria and provide recommendations.


We can ease your XP migration challenges, but we can’t stop time. For more information, click here or contact an Account Executive at 1-800-369-1047. Download the XP Migration brochure here.