Global Services

Global IT: Connect to Greater Flexibility, Scalability, and Efficiency

Organizations with an international footprint are constantly searching for simple and seamless global purchasing to streamline communication and in-country support, while staying connected to worldwide branches. Challenges span delivery inconsistencies, freight forwarding, customs, tax considerations, currency and exchange factors, warranty claims, and service. Our GlobalServe Solution can provide your organization with seamless:

Logistics — Customs inspections, missing paperwork, and local regulatory requirements can often lead to delayed product deliveries. We have a deep understanding of and experience with global logistics and supply chains and can help you navigate the challenges of getting a product from point A to point B.

Sourcing — Locating a reliable partner or IT supply chain in an unfamiliar country can create confusion and require added scrutiny. Calls to unknown suppliers with questionable reputations can add both time and risk to the process. We take the frustration out of supplier relationships. Our team has more than a decade of experience contracting with over 500 suppliers in 174 counties. We can do all the work for you.

Account Management — Organizations prefer to work with a trusted resource, and that can become difficult when you are branching out into several locations around the world. Additionally, it can be difficult to manage and update catalogs, manage end of life products, and sku and currency conversions with global procurement. Our Data Management Team handles all the complexities of deploying your catalogs in a global environment. And, our Supplier Management Team manages all vendors in country to circumvent challenges with languages and currencies.

Acquisition Activity — Mergers inherently create a complicated web of vendors and partners around the world. As a result, companies often face redundancies, budgetary waste and missed opportunities for savings. We can help you consolidate and simplify IT procurement activities—with full discount levels that would otherwise be difficult to achieve with global procurement.

Dedicated to Global Procurement Excellence

GlobalServe delivers excellence in global procurement using four pillars of strength: People, Process, Technology, and Supply Chain.


We've been delivering global solutions for over 16 years. We have some of the most knowledgeable, most experienced people on our team. We intimately understand the complexities of global logistics and supply chain.


Our GlobalServe model is digital and powered by automation, enabling billions of dollars of transactions to transverse our systems and processes with minimal intervention. Our team is dedicated to the development of sound processes that make our systems more efficient and enable prompt problem resolution. Whether we are onboarding a new customer or supplier, or escalating a transaction, our team is dedicated to efficiency and speed.


Connection’s GlobalServe solution lets you capture full discount levels that are difficult or impossible through any other global procurement method. Our solution runs on patented technology, enabling organizations to purchase products from multiple OEMs, in multiple currencies. We provide the ability to build catalog bundles, extended catalogs, and domestic catalogs, as well as utilize punch out and hybrid purchasing, and direct and indirect purchasing channels. Our technology makes it easy to add new equipment to a catalog, increasing your procurement power to manage vendors and normalize the transaction flow in an automated fashion, regardless of geography and currency.

Supply Chain

We can provide a broad spectrum of IT services to our customers, in addition to products. Our team has more than a decade of experience contracting with over 500 suppliers in 174 counties, and a network of over 25,000 certified IT professionals. We've done all this work for you. We have all the contracts and Fulfillment Services Agreements (FSA) in place already. When we create a scope of work for a new customer, that scope of work becomes an addendum of our pre-established terms and conditions with our suppliers. This enables us to activate the supply chain around each different customer’s varying technology requirements, quickly and easily.

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