Document Security

Ensure privacy, integrity, and accessibility of protected health information,
prescriptions, and patients' vital records with advanced scanning and printing solutions.

Support for Your HIPAA Strategy

HIPAA regulations cover patient records that healthcare providers print, copy, fax and email every day, so you need to have systems in place to protect patient privacy and prevent unauthorized access to any confidential patient information. In fact, security of paper documents and on-line records is tightly coupled to how rigorously healthcare providers have integrated HIPAA compliance into their daily processes for managing patient health information.

The good news for an ambulatory or acute facility is that secure solutions for printing, scanning, transmitting, and storing documents can complement HIPAA strategy for organizations of any size. You'll safeguard patient information and ensure compliance with patient privacy laws while improving productivity and reducing operating costs.

Protect Patient Privacy

Are your organization's paper and digital information workflows as secure as they could be? It's likely that you need a better way to manage and monitor copying, faxing, printing, scanning, and emailing of healthcare documents. Document security solutions range from those that control device functionality to those that secure every aspect of your paper and electronic document workflows.

Secure Printing Technologies

Securing documents that you print, scan, copy, and fax begins at your MFP (multifunction printer). Every employee that can access these devices could potentially copy patient records and send confidential documents outside of your facility.

However, requiring passwords for every task can frustrate physicians, clinicians, and other staff members. You may want to look for an MFP that restricts what functions users can access and where they can send information. You can use that feature to set it up so that it only requires authentication for potentially sensitive functions.

For example, you may want to allow anyone to print or copy but require staff members to log in if they want to distribute a document via email or fax. You could also set your MFP so that it will only send documents to pre-approved destinations. This means unauthorized persons won't be able to obtain patient information and email it off site using your MFP.

Fax Fixes

Printed and faxed documents present other issues. If they are left in an unsecured location they may be misplaced, leading to a delay in medical services or an information leak. Consider an MFP that can route incoming faxes to secure folders and notify the recipient via email to help ensure that confidential information is protected.

In addition, with the large volume of document traffic such as lab requests, charts and reports that healthcare providers send and receive, automating document workflow and distribution will help you maintain high levels of service and patient care.

On Demand Prescription Printing

Prescription fraud is costly on many fronts. Unfortunately, solutions designed to prevent fraud can be costly too. To meet Center for Medicaid/Medicare Services (CMS) requirements for tamper-resistant prescriptions, providers may use pre-printed security pads or dedicated printers and pre-printed security paper. However, pre-printed solutions are expensive and create cumbersome workflows.

A solution that can print secure prescriptions on demand on plain paper and meets CMS requirements could be an option for you. Features like copy-evident micro printing and a special pattern printed in the background of the prescription guard against prescription fraud. When photocopied, this pattern reveals the word "COPY" repeated multiple times across the prescription. A practical, less expensive way to secure prescriptions removes the need for expensive pre-printed prescription paper and dedicated printers.

Where to Start?

Wasteful printing and copying is a major source of hidden costs. Many MFPs offer features to help you to save money on printer supplies and energy by influencing staff behavior and requiring least-cost printing options. You can make users aware of the cost of each print job, limit use of color printing, automatically route jobs to less expensive printers, manage your fleet, and use reports to identify areas of potential cost savings.

Because healthcare organizations deliver time-sensitive and life-saving services, your MFPs and document management systems need to be ready when they are needed. Look for solutions with features such as automated emails and text messages to alert staff when paper or toner is low or equipment isn't functioning properly to keep your systems running smoothly.

Connection's Printer Assessment service is an ideal place to start if you need to refresh your equipment. Our experts can help you evaluate options for securing documents that you print, scan, copy, and fax.

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