Strategic Decision Support
Make Better Decisions on Your Software Investments
Software represents one of the largest IT expenditures that companies have today and they are often challenged to make confident and informed licensing decisions given their rapidly evolving business and IT landscape coupled with the complex and constantly changing license programs from the major publishers. SDS is all about helping our customers to make better decisions on their key software investments. At the core of SDS is a software team who averages >20 years of experience working with large enterprise customers and software publishers. We ensure that critical licensing decisions are effectively aligned to each customers unique and dynamic computing environment.

ManageIT Now Asset Management System
The Difference is in the Data.
ManageIT Now™ Asset Management System is designed to provide clarity and control over all your IT assets. This complimentary tool, available to all our clients, provides automatic notifications around expiration, warranty and license information for every piece of hardware you use. What’s more, quick and easy reporting functions like order history and cost-savings reports interpret your data to help you make critical business decisions available on your desktop and mobile device.

Real-time Pricing & Live Inventory
One Portal, One Process
Traxx, our proprietary e-Procurement system, features a single-portal design to provide visibility into the entire IT supply chain - immediately connecting you to inventory from top manufacturers and distributors. Traxx lets you see up-to-date inventory levels and real-time pricing so you can select the best product at the best price. We link this entire procurement process into your existing purchasing, accounting and asset management systems without an expensive or time-consuming implementation project.

Valuable Cost Savings & Proven Success
Save Money and Document It - Our clients have noted cost savings upwards of 20% by using Connection's Traxx system solution for all of their IT purchases.
With our detailed online reporting tools, you have the ability to track, manage and report cost savings for all of your IT purchases. Plus, you can track your activity using standard reporting or customize it to fit your business model. Connection offers a robust reporting portfolio for IT, procurement, finance and accounting to help you identify cost efficiencies within specific departments, product categories and IT rollouts.

Special Negotiated Pricing
Ensure lowest cost on IT purchases
Connection is unique in that we offer proactive price management to monitor how your special pricing performs against the marketplace; ensuring that your pricing remains competitive and identifying when best to renegotiate so you are always receiving the lowest rate on your IT purchases.

Mobile Optimized
Quick access to your account, orders and approvals, purchase history, and more - anytime, anywhere.
Access your account anytime with consistency across all devices, and optimized for each. We make IT easy with no apps to download and features like:

  • Customizable dashboard with preferred views - Customize your dashboard with preferred views that can be accessed anywhere from desktop or mobile devices
  • Instant notifications for purchase approvals - Instant notifications will ensure that you won't miss any timely approval requests, even when you're on the go
  • Enhanced history and details pages - Customize your data with added features such as sortable and searchable columns, show/hide capabilities, savable views, and exporting tools.

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Experienced Account Team
Dedicated and Trusted Account Management Team
While we recognize the value of our e-Procurement model and technical expertise, we also understand the value of personal support. When you partner with Connection, you will have a personal, one-on-one relationship with an account executive who will leverage our electronic procurement solution and highly certified engineers to help you make the best IT purchasing decisions. Our Connection account executives are experts in helping clients:

  • Build technology solutions and manage inventory requirements
  • Maintain key vendor relationships and pricing matrices
  • Find the lowest cost and hard-to-procure IT products
  • Conduct reviews and provide valuable reports to improve productivity
  • Proactively monitor the industry and report relevant information

DeliverIT Now
Need IT. Get IT. Today
At Connection, we understand that one of the most important interests our clients have is to keep their business working at full capacity. We also know that when your IT environment isn't performing at optimal levels, it can have a significant impact to your company's bottom-line. That's why we've added a new delivery service, DeliverIT Now into our selection of preferred offerings – to help take the downtime out of your day. Learn more

Robust Product & Services Offering
Streamline and Consolidate IT Procurement
Find all of the IT solutions you need in one convenient location and confidently make purchases knowing you are getting the best possible price. Connection offers more than 1 million IT products from over 2,000 manufacturers and distributors nationwide. Our robust services portfolio includes lifecycle management, professional offerings and managed services to help you conserve resources and streamline implementation.

Technical Certifications & Expert Advice
Technical Excellence and Advanced Services Capabilities
Connection offers a wide range of technology services to ensure IT requirements are met and business operations run smoothly. With over 500 technical certifications and a qualified team of expert engineers, software licensing specialists and project managers, we offer best-in-class solutions to support your ever-changing IT needs. Whether you are interested in a desktop refresh, considering a server or storage consolidation or updating your entire data center infrastructure, Connection has the right resources in place to help assess, design, implement and support all of the IT projects necessary for your daily operations while helping you achieve your long-term IT strategy.

MoreDirect Technical Certifications

Industry-Leading Partnerships
Most Products and Services = Best IT Solution
At Connection, our partners are important to us. We partner with leading manufacturers, distributors and service providers to offer our clients the most innovative and comprehensive IT products and solutions within the industry. With over $3 billion in live IT inventory, representing nearly 1 million SKUs from over 2,000 IT manufacturers and distributors, Connection has the products and services you need at the prices you want.

Global Reach
We're There Where You Need Us
Connection helps multinational companies gain control of their IT spend worldwide through complete management of their IT assets throughout their respective life cycles. We have strategic partnerships in place to ensure that we can offer our complete portfolio of IT solutions and services to our clients' operations that are outside of the United States. This enables our clients to procure, deploy and support technology assets or services in any country or currency, anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Connection uses the power of a single web portal to automate access to a worldwide fully-integrated supply chain and offers local fulfillment of IT products and services in 180 countries. This solution can reduce IT lifecycle costs of up to 30% while providing the highest standard of compliance.

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Financing Options
Flexible Financing Options Provided by Connection
Connection offers our clients a flexible, convenient and cost-effective way to refresh technology as required. We can help lower your total cost of ownership and customize the right leasing plan that enables you to stay current with your IT investments to maximize your business objectives without compromising quality.

Leasing adds many great values to your organization and might be the right option for you:

  • Stay Competitive - Don't compromise the IT equipment you need to remain successful. Gain the technology you need, when you need it!
  • Improve Cash Flow - Your cash will remain untouched and available for other important business needs
  • Manage Budget Constraints - Leasing options help stretch budget dollars by offering more affordable monthly payments on IT equipment
  • Maximize Tax Advantages - Tax benefits are often rewarded for companies that lease their technology equipment.

Connection can work directly with your current leasing provider or we partner with many premier leasing companies to better serve you.