Retail Device Assessment

The Challenge: Legacy Point of Sale (POS) devices come with issues, and updating these can be a daunting task with so many new options and line-busting strategies.

The Solution: Refresh and deploy the technology devices required—including tablets, handhelds and barcode readers—to move your organization to a fully mobile and modern platform. Our simple 3-step process below will guide you through an assessment of your current fleet, analyze your specific needs and workflows and help you stage and execute a retail device fair—everything you need to choose the right devices for your business.

Retail Device Assessment

Digital Signage and Beacon Signage

The Challenge: A customer's journey with your brand begins before they ever set foot in your store. You constantly have to find new and creative ways to share brand and product messaging with your client.

The Solution: Invest in digital signage and beacon technology. Both can leverage innovative, new technology to reach new and existing customers, guide them to new products and make them aware of changing promotions.

Digital signs provide interactive displays that can be cued to present information specific to your customer, creating a more dynamic in-store experience, while increasing brand awareness. Beacon technology leverages BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy) technology, personalizing the shopping experience based on the shoppers' preferences by sending out real-time alerts, deals and other forms of engagements to a visitor's phone increasing the likelihood of purchase.

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