Real-Time Market Pricing

The Challenge: Replacing and updating your retail IT devices across different store-front locations while maximizing margins.

The Solution: Connection's real-time, online buying site can filter and provide purchasing of technology based on pricing, location, quantity and more. Choose from multiple, convenient shipping locations and send directly to your storefront. Our online purchasing portal provides:

  • Best pricing and availability
  • Cutting-edge functionality
  • Robust reporting
  • Secure access on any device

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Distributed and Custom Inventories

The Challenge: Staying competitive means having the right tools on hand to get customers in and out of your store – that means a strict management of retail handheld devices, including mobile checkout solutions. How to keep each store properly outfitted, while maximizing margins?

The Solution: Strike the right balance between prices and shipments with our custom inventory and distributed fulfillment services.

  • View real-time shipments and availability
  • Reduce delivery time, which will keep your store operations up and running while generating more business
  • Save money on shipping
  • Reduce your company's carbon footprint
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Integrated Asset Management

The Challenge: Lack of operational insight across multiple, different storefronts can cause poor business decisions. Poor business decisions eat into your profit. Retailers need a simple way to know what each location has so it can be properly managed.

The Solution: Choose from one or all three of our Integrated Asset Management (IAM) services to become aware of what you have, where you have it so you can truly control your spend and maximize investments.

  • Integrated Asset Management: With so many storefronts spread across a large geographic area, it is difficult to know what devices are at which stores. The sheer variety of devices, tablets, carts, handhelds, and barcode readers, only complicate the issue. You need an accurate count of what each location has on hand. We'll track all of that for you, and give you clear insight and reporting into all of your assets.
  • Retail Software Strategic Decision Support: Specialized retail software and programs can become costly and cumbersome to manage, but they don’t have to be. We’ll make it easy for you to know what’s in your environment, ensure compliancy and identify what you might be over – or under – spending on.
  • Powerful Reporting and Spend Analysis: Remember those razor-thin margins? Watch them grow as your back-end efficiencies tighten. Then prove it with simple and easy reporting features.

Learn more about our Asset Management Services. Top 5 Best Practices in Asset Management

Network Updates

The Challenge: Keep all store locations connected on a secure network that allows for improved communications and productivity tools like business continuity and unified communications. Retail operations on an overloaded network face systems that move slowly and hamper productivity.

The Solution: The larger your operation – and the more storefronts you may operate – the more layers of complexity in your network. Optimize your network, connect all of your locations and ensure your communications are delivered reliably and securely.

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