Managed Private Cloud

Build your own infrastructure by creating highly
virtualized pools of computer, storage, and network resources.

Private Cloud

A Managed Private Cloud is defined as hosting your private cloud at a third-party provider, where the provider supplies the facilities, environmental controls, and connectivity to your network. You still manage and control the environment as if it were your own. Co-Located (Co-Lo) is an excellent first step in the progression toward a more aggressive cloud strategy. You can move your infrastructure into a Co-Lo provider's facilities today, and at the end of the product lifecycle more easily migrate into a fully managed environment, preserving the long-term value of your current investment.

Ideal Workloads:
Co-Lo offers an ideal environment for the same type of workloads that are best suited to self-run private clouds:

  • Customized line-of-business applications
  • Data and applications with high security and compliance requirements
  • Cloud initiatives where you have recently made large on-premise investments
  • Workloads that require a high degree of control
  • Mission-critical workloads

Cost Driver
Co-Lo private clouds are typically capital-heavy, but some of the capital requirements around facilities are converted to operating expense as part of the services contract with the provider.

Less Challenging

Control: You remain the primary controller of the environment. No significant IT operations changes are required.

Security: Because the infrastructure is dedicated to your deployment, you are able to establish your own security and compliance standards, as well as enforce and measure them.

Flexibility: Because it's your environment, you have more ability to customize it than with other cloud technologies.

Somewhat Challenging

Management: The provider supplies location, power, and connectivity, and everything else is the responsibility of the organization.

Resilience: Co-Lo providers specialize in supporting stringent uptime standards. Resilience is one of the main reasons organizations consider Co-Lo private clouds versus maintaining their own datacenter.

More Challenging

Elasticity: If you need to rapidly expand your capacity beyond current levels, it will require you to provision the additional resources required. In addition, you will always be maintaining your maximum capacity.

Mobility: The technological capabilities are available to provide mobile access, but you are responsible for setting up and providing the desired mobile access.

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