PaaS Public Cloud

Improve user productivity while increasing revenue
with a best-fit PaaS deployment.

Public Cloud

Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) is a cloud technology that combines the multi-tenant shared resource pools of public cloud infrastructure with an added layer of tools, operating systems, applications, and other services. A PaaS deployment provides a baseline service architecture with the ability to accelerate application deployment based on its pre-built nature. PaaS offers highly streamlined and efficient provisioning and management of cloud environments, where everything is managed and maintained by the provider.

Ideal Workloads:

  • Dev/Test environments
  • Special projects requiring temporary environments
  • Migration testing
  • Mature, stable line of business applications with no security concerns

Cost Driver
Someone else owns the infrastructure, and you are paying to consume that infrastructure as an operational service that is higher than 'bare metal' but not as refined as a ready-to-consume application. Capital expenditures on hardware are replaced by operational expenditures on that service.

Less Challenging

Elasticity: Elasticity is also another a hallmark of most Platform-as-a-Service providers. PaaS providers allow you to burst capacity on-demand, then scale back to normal levels the next day— without having to do anything other than pay for extra usage charges. The elastic nature of PaaS provides both the IT benefit of bi-directional scalability and the economic benefit of paying only for capacity you use.

Management: PaaS offloads a significant amount of traditional work from internal resources to provider resources, allowing IT more time to focus on strategic business needs.

Resilience: PaaS providers today offer a highly advanced variety of redundancy and redundancy with uptime guarantees.

Mobility: Most Software-as-a-Service providers offer mobile application integration as part of their overall offering. The ability to deliver a mobile application experience has proven to be a high value accelerant for moving applications to SaaS providers.

More Challenging

Control: If you want full and complete control, Platform-as-a-Service probably isn't the right choice for your workload. The PaaS environment operates within the parameters established by the provider and their tools. You have control but only within a provider's parameters.

Security: In a PaaS environment, security and regulatory compliance may be a concern, as each provider delivers varying levels of control and auditability.

Flexibility: PaaS offers flexibility, but only in the range of motion established by the provider.

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