Working closely with vendor partners we’ve developed over the past three decades, Connection is dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible solutions for their digital signage needs.

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Deliver the information they need, quickly.

Corporate Communications

Provide consistent messaging to your organization.

QSR/Food Services

Showcase your menu in a more vivid way.


Share your best propositions with eye-catching presentations.


Stream the latest financial data and news, as it occurs.


Provide quick and consistent information to your patients.

Public Venues

Advertise events and conferences with dynamic, easily swapped signage.


Enhance your guest’s experience with in-room entertainment, current events, weather, or activity information.


Impress visitors with your best features and increase applications.


Instantly share data to keep your production levels on point.

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Match your needs with the vendor who best matches your digital requirements.



Digital Signage=Positive Impact
Learn how Nucor Steel increased safety and productivity with digital signage.


Case Study

Life-Saving Care
Learn how AMT built a safer and healthier community.