Basically, your content is anything you want it to be! It’s the message you want to communicate, made up of files and documents you use every day. It can include photos, analytics, social media, RSS feeds or video, and it can be accented with or without audio.

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Why Is Content So Important?

No one gets excited about seeing flat screens anymore. It’s what’s on the screen that counts. The more dynamic and engaging your message, the greater response you’ll get. Integrate way-finding, social media, emergency notifications, touch interaction, weather, current events, production levels, and more. Create your own content, use an internal advertising department, or even outsource it—it’s all up to you!

What Is Content Management?

Without a good Content Management System, controlling your signs could be complex and time consuming. Fortunately, there are good options for taming any signage application. Most media players can loop an image for a slideshow, but that isn’t very engaging. Maximize your messages’ impact with features like multi-day scheduling or tiling your screen to transmit simultaneously through the same display. You can show different content on different displays—either in the same location or across the country. Do you need control? CMS lets you remotely monitor your displays, and turn them on or off remotely to save electricity. Your message delivery system can be as simple or customized as you want it to be. A simple media player can play a consistent message for the lowest cost. But if you want more than the same slide show running 24 x 7 x 365, you need the right software managing your content.

Media Players and Digital Signage Appliances

A digital signage media player lets you to play your content. Media players can be as simple as a standalone device to store and play your content like an iPod, or a device with a CMS built-in for more flexibility, or just a network interface to your CMS or SaaS server. These simple to complex devices are designed to run nearly 24 hours a day, and many have network capability to access and control your displays and its content, from anywhere.

The Right Software

Content creation software may sound complex, but it’s just another name for graphic and design software. The same software tools used to create documents, presentations, and websites can be used to create digital signage content. And the tools that are digital signage-specific are generally part of a content management software (CMS) package we probably sell and support.

CMS lets you schedule your content with timelines and make it interchangeable. Many CMS programs will give you the ability to also tile your content and simultaneously broadcast multiple images through the same display. Maximize the performance and flexibility of your digital signage by talking to an Account Manager today. We work directly with a team of digital signage experts, and can help you understand how to find the display that best suits your needs.

For more information, click here to schedule a complimentary Digital Signage Consultation or contact an Account Executive at 1-800-369-1047.

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