VDI Proof-of-Concept Appliance

Evaluate how applications would perform in a desktop virtualization environment.

Start Your Journey to VDI with Confidence

More than ever, IT departments want to realize the benefits of desktop virtualization–cost savings, ease of management, improved security, and end-user client platform independence. To validate if VDI will be a good fit, IT departments need to evaluate how their applications will perform in a virtual desktop environment. This validation typically occurs during a Proof of Concept (POC).

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Start with a PoC Appliance

POC's often present challenges in regards to finding or acquiring appropriate hardware as well as finding available IT staff time for setup and support. To help you overcome these challenges, Connection has developed a POC Appliance (POCA) that ships pre-staged with a complete VDI environment. The POCA allows customers to immediately begin testing their applications in their own environment. An installed analytics tool captures and quantifies effects to the infrastructure as applications and features are enabled and tested—a critical data point in successful data-driven decisions about VDI in your organization.

The First Step is Knowing the Last Step

Before beginning a VDI POC, it is important to define and document the criteria for achieving success. We will help you define that critical success criteria by educating you on the current functionality enabled in the VDI software. Typically, customers look for the following criteria:

  • Create pools of desktops to support dedicated or floating environments
  • Verify functionality of key applications, including graphic intensive applications
  • Test application packaging (such as ThinApp)
  • Test application delivery methods
  • Test USB device functionality (re-direction, deny use, etc.)
  • Verify local and network printing and multi-monitor functionality
  • Test persona management
  • Test Image upgrade functionality (including patch management)
  • Verify acceptable remote or branch user experience

This data will pinpoint concerns (infrastructure- or VDI-related) to help you easily remediate issues and measure the POC success criteria.

Testing and Demonstration

Our VMware Certified Professional engineers will assist and train the customer through startup of the appliance, provide support during the 45-day POC, and will help with the appliance shut down. Once the POC is up and running, we will teach you how to install applications into the master image, how to provision desktop pools for testing, and we will demonstrate the Acceptance Criteria that you have determined is important in your environment.

Analytics Is Key

Understanding what is happening in the infrastructure while the POC is running is critical to being able to make a data-driven decision on whether VDI is a good fit for your infrastructure. Our reports provide an accurate and methodical way to measure the effects of applications and features on the underlying infrastructure. We are able to monitor performance data, such as memory, CPU, disk I/O, and graphics intensity. This data allows for quantitative validation of results and assessment of the environment before and after a specified time period—providing comparisons of consumption by application and user groups.

For more information, click here or contact an Account Executive at 1-800-369-1047. Download the brochure here.